Saturday, 6 February 2016

A year older and an update on the crazy 7

So I am a year older and had a lovely day( on Wednesday) this year - I made sure that I had absolutely no plans. I got to stay in my comfy clothes and mooch around the house most of the day. My lovely friend Hazel from Quietly Stitching popped over for a coffee and a stitchy time...
I was spoilt by so many... Hazel gifted my a lovely chart and gorgeous fabric

another stitchy friend treated me to this sparkly needle minder - Thank You Tracy;-)

All in all a wonderful stitchy birthday (DH gifted me a years worth of Prim Society from Dyeing to Stitch)

Now to show you my progress...
1) To Everything a Season - Drawn Thread - finished and framed;-)

2) Quaker Christmas 2 - Bygone Stitches a little start

3)Snowflower Diaries SAL - up to date January and February stitched and finished

4)My Dwelling Place Part 3 - finished

5)Merry One and Merry Two - Merry One stitched...

6) and a start on a Sampler for Merry Pat.

So I've had a full stitchy month and have loved it:-) I have added a few more projects to my to do bag but I will save that for my next update.

Oh I did have a little while on my birthday to turn Bird in Hand of Blackbird Designs, which I stitched a while ago into this little pincushion - with a bit of Lavender in it;-)
And here's the back

Well that's all for now

Happy Stitching

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

And I'm back..

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the best for 2016.

I can not believe how fast 2015 past me by - so obvious in my neglect of this little blog - Huge apologies.

Well with a new year comes new starts and plans a-foot .... my dear friend Hazel from Quietly Stitching posted in her new year post an invitation to join her in a Crazy 7. Now, I am very nervous of starting multiple projects for fear of getting overwhelmed and not finishing any. BUT I think I will be brave and least share my intentions....

I have selected 7 projects that I will start this year,  some are more than I could possibly intend to finish and still get around to feeding my family, being mom's taxi and spending some quality time with my long suffering husband (without a needle in my clutches).

So here they are......dan dan daaaa (you know what I mean)

1) To Everything a Seaon - The Drawn Thread.
I have made a start on this with great progress - think it will be a fairly quick finish

2) Quaker Christmas 2 - Bygone Stitches
 I bought this late last year and seeing Hazel making  beautiful progress on hers (the first Quaker Christmas) I have been itching to start this although it is an unlikely finish this year.

3) The Snowflower Diaries Joyful World SAL (on facebook)

Many thanks to Maya Matyas for sharing these designs with us all. I am looking forward to this and already know my plans to finish and display these. Will let you know once I'm done.
I have had a rummage through my odds and ends and found I had enough thread and fabric - WIN!!

4. My Dwelling Place part 3 - Little House Needleworks
Love Love Love these I joined this club as my birthday present last year and they are lovely. the 4th and last part should be on it's way soon. (so is that 1 start or 2??)
 5&6) Merry One and Merry Two.

These limited releases from Plum Street Samplers are gorgeous and I have some lovely cream 40Count Newcastle linen in my stash that should do nicely. (I am counting as 2!!)
 7) A Sampler for Merry Pat -Blue Ribbon Designs
I love Belinda's designs and it has been a while since I have done more than one of her ornaments - I can't tell you how lovely this sampler is and I can't wait to stitch finish and frame this. Do need to choose my fabric my options are both 32 count colours are vintage country mocha or light cream (at least that's what I think it is ...
So there you have it my Crazy 7 though I dare not mention the pile of ornaments awaiting my needle;-)

Which brings me to my plans a-foot - I know I said I wouldn't bring Peakside Needleworks into this blog but would value your thoughts - I am planning on adding an ornament finishing service and finishing packs (for you to do the finishing yourselves) to my little store. I will let you know when it's up and running if you are interested. For a taster here's an ornie I made for a friend. I could not even contemplate doing this if it wasn't for Vonna from the Twisted Stitcher, her tutorials ironed out the kinks I was having and has made me feel confident in offering this service in the UK.
So now it's time to pick up my needle for the evening but not before wishing you ....

All the very best wishes for 2016 


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What a wonderful world

We have had the strangest weather in the UK over the last few months. It seemed like winter wouldn't really let go, there would be a warm spell followed by frosts. As a result my garden has been confused and battered by the wind. Finally spring/summer has arrived as we hope is here to stay and the plants are growing and bringing colour to my garden.  Last year I planted a lupin which was lovely - this is has come back in full force...pretty impressive
So now I wait for the rest of the garden to come to life and show its colours after the delayed start:-)  

On a stitchy note I have been a little slow but am enjoying a new start My Dwelling Place part 1 from Little House Needleworks (this is an club hosted by Dyeing to Stitch in USA). 
So looking forward to getting the next installment.

On a personal note, I have some news.... as you know I got the courage to leave my job and with the encouragement and support of my dear husband I have taken the leap to start and online needlework store - Peakside Needleworks. It has been a dream to open a local needlework store and hopefully this is the beginnings of achieving that dream.
This blog is personal to me so I won't mention this again but please wish me well as I take this leap.

Oh forgot to say - my crochet hook has not been idle..a dear friends of mine are expecting their first child imminently so I have made lovely little green and white baby blanket for them. 
I need to be making another soon too - as during a great catch up with a life long friend, she has told me that she expecting a winter/december baby. Such excitement.

So I leave you with thoughts of spring, new challenges and new birth...what a wonderful world.

Best wishes

Monday, 2 March 2015

Family Sampler

I have had the most wonderful time stitching the Little House Needleworks - Family Sampler.   This has been such a lovely project and my children have really enjoyed seeing it. I did get the Classic Colorworks threads suggested and I am so glad I did as they really do enhance the design beautifully. 

Here's some pics from the start...
to finished and a permanent home found on my wall...

We have a framer that comes to our local market on a friday morning and is incredibly reasonable and always treat my needlework with such care. This has been a blessing and although I know different frames suit different pieces there are two that I tend to use that really compliment the stitchwork I have produced.


One other little finish although not yet "finished" is my lovely birthday gift. My first attempt on 35count linen and I am very pleased with the result...
Bird in Hand - Blackbird Designs

In other news I am now 'semi-retired' (this is the term I am enjoying instead of unemployed) after finishing work in the middle of February. I can not say how much 'lighter' I feel and my brain is already starting to work on things.  I have decided that as I am so very fortunate to have the opportunity ....  I must find a path forward that I will love. In the meantime I am going to focus on home and family and keeping my hands busy;-)

I have just peeked out my window and it's snowing - not much but I am sure that the plants hae been thinking that spring was near. We have had a very inconsistent winter this year I am really hope that summer will be better....

Happy day everyone
S x

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

What a day

I have had a day. Not looking for any wishes but today is my birthday. In the past I have always protected this day viciously refusing to do any work, housework or any other ( normally by taking a days leave).  Today this was not to happen but all for good reasons - only 3 more working days left before moving on with life. These are incredibly exciting times.... I am planning to follow things I love, home, family, crochet, cross stitch and garden. It's going to be great.

On that note look what my dear friend, Hazel treated me with ... Cross stitch AND chocolate - can't beat it:-)
Apologies for the flash reflection.

Progress still being made on the Little House Needleworks - Family Sampler.
I am really enjoying this, especially with the options to personalise it.

I have also joined the Sampler life SAL which is very exciting, so looking forward to seeing how it turns out:-)

Not much other news, just catching up a little and trying to blog more often.

Have a fab day everyone.


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Time to catch up..

Goodness me the Christmas season has past us so fast, I haven't got to keep you all updated on things created.

Last year I stitched some ornaments for our tree and had a wonderful 'finishing day'. I marked it on the calendar and refused to do anything but make my little stitches into fab ornaments for my tree. I love the way that scrap of fabric with my careful stitches turns into a little bit of Christmas cheer to hang from the tree.  They certainly make me smile when I see them nestled amongst the twinkly lights.  So here is a pic to show you how they turned out....(I think an overview was the best way to show them and to post photos of each would be too much)

As a very big treat to myself I finally got around to framing some of my finishes and hanging them up on my stitching wall....

It makes me smile every time I see them all together.

Christmas was a lovely homey family time this year with my in-laws joining us for the first time in years, as they have this year moved permanently to the UK from South Africa. My big sister also stayed with us for a few days over Christmas which was so nice as it has also been ages since we have managed to spend any time together. All in all a wonderful time, with my darling children being thoroughly spoilt.

It goes without saying that Christmas dinner was a feast  .... And the leftovers became a very yummy pie on Boxing Day.

With the new year there is always some changes.....I have resigned from my current work, which I have not enjoyed this last year and as a result not had my head in gear for. I am so grateful and blessed that I can resign without worry and am looking forward to taking some time to really decide what I would like to do. In the meantime I need to work out the last few weeks and then focus on my home and family before making any further plans.

A thank you to Belinda from Blue Ribbon Designs for a mention on her facebook page. I love her designs and am looking forward to seeing the result of the project she is currently working on. 

Best wishes for the year ahead.


Monday, 3 November 2014

Stitching finishes

It has occurred to me that I have not kept up-to-date with many things.
I would like to have a little catch up on some of my stitching finishes....
Blue Ribbon Designs -Frolic in the foliage  

Songs of the Season - Little House Needleworks

A Good Marriage - Lizzie Kate

Lizzie Kate

My needle has worked this over the last few months (maybe 18) but there are a few other bits and bobs I have been working on but am saving for a more complete post.

I am looking forward to framing these and have them join my Bouquets aux Samplers - Jardin Prive on my wall.

Currently I am working on Holly and Hearts sampler by Lizzie Kate with the christmas season fast approaching I thought it was appropriate. Here's my progress so far...

Looking forward to seeing the finished piece..

I need to go tend to my little family as the it nears bedtime for the small people.

thanks for stopping by...
Sue x